Tuesday, 6 November 2007

The best London webcams!

After an extensive web search that I did last days, I've found some really cool webcams situated around London. I think they worth a look - you can check how is the weather in London like or what's happening there from the comfort of your couch.

http://www.camvista.com/england/london/piccadillycircus.php3 : This cam is a streaming one, so you can see live video from the heart of London, Piccadilly Circus, a place where five major roads converge and it's day and night packed with people, mostly tourists hanging out on the steps of the famous Statue of Eros. You can also see the big LED screens flashing all day and night long, making the Circus somewhat like the London version of New York's Times Square.

http://www.camvista.com/england/london/bigben_streaming.php3: Another streaming cam, situated on the south bank of River Thames. Here you can see the world famous tower of Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye and the strand on the south bank, which is always full of people having their stroll there.

http://www.camvista.com/england/london/leicestersquare.php3: This is a streaming cam too. It shows us Leicester square, the place where the most prestigious cinemas in London are located. Also many film premieres are taking place there.

http://www.earthcam.com/uk/england/london/: Four webcams from the Earthcam site, hopelessly not streaming ones. You can choose among Trafalgar square cam, Big Ben cam, London Eye cam and the London Aquarium cam.

http://www.belushis.com/webcams/covent-garden-webcam: Live view of the Covent Garden area near the Royal Opera house. This place is famous for its street market and little picturesque shops, as well as its vibrant life.

http://www.streamdays.com/camera/view/oxford-street-london: Greetings from the Oxford street! Maybe the most famous shopping street in the world, a mere nearly 2 km. strip full of department stores and chain shops, always packed with shoppers. Updated every one or two seconds.

http://www.abbeyroad.co.uk/virtual_visit/webcam/: This a cam showing us the famous zebra-crossing outside the Abbey Road Studios, where The Beatles used to record their "Abbey Road" album - that crossing appears also in the album's cover, showing John, Paul, Ringo and George crossing that road.

http://www.camvista.com/england/other/windsor-ptz.php: A cam of Windsor, a town situated 30 km. from London, where the Queen has a palace within the famous Windsor Castle.

http://www.streamdays.com/hostedwebcams/buyawebcam: Situated on the top of an office bulding in Holborn, this cam offer us panoramic views of the City, the Westminster, the Southwark area and St. Paul's cathedral. You can control this camera as well!

Finally: http://www.earthtv.com/en/location/london: This is an Earth Tv cam, showing panoramic videos of Piccadilly Circus, updated few times a day. You may hit an Earth Tv program on TV, here in Greece Skai channel broadcasts this.

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