Monday, 12 November 2007

East London on fire!

A blaze burst out of a warehouse in Stratford, East London (the place where most of the 2012 Olympics will take place) this morning. A huge plume of smoke came out of the burning building, situated in one of the most industrialized districts of the city, which was visible from central London and from the most of the outlying suburbs.

Hopefully most people say that the incident is not connected with any terroristic activity, though authorities say it's too early to jump into any conclusions. Below, is a picture of what the horizon looking east looked like this morning, taken from the top of a building somewhere in central London

UPDATE: I just managed to spot the exact location of the warehouse from which the blaze started, with the help of some photos and the windows live local. So here is a a print screen showing a bird eye view of the area, taken from the windows live local:

And an AA map of the area (the red spot is the location of the burned building)- It's in the east London area of Stratford (although the site is nearer the Hackney Wick area) off Waterden Street:

My A-Z London atlas shows something that the AA atlas doesn't: The new Channel tunnel rail link passes right underneath that building! Hopefully, the fire will not influence the route (first trip to Paris is scheduled for Wednesday), because the tunnel was bored at a great depth. Also there is an estate labelled as: East Cross centre right next to the burned warehouse, which after a quick research I did in google, appears to be a building which houses a collection of shops and nightspots.

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