Monday, 12 November 2007

GP Grand...An american-style rapper in Giannena!

It's time to present you a friend of mine from the city of Ioannina in Epirus, Gp Grand. He's up and doing rapper, he's rapping in English and in my opinion that is the reason why he stands out of other greek rappers. He comes from the Canadian province of British Columbia, but now he resides in Greece.

About Gp Grand (taken from his myspace profile) :

"Born and raised in BC Canada,and now i'v been living in Greece for 4 and a half years. Recently worked on the Greek Island of Santorini for 5 months. I've been writing lyrics since 2003, rapping for 1 year now, and just started making my own instrumentals. Started writing lyrics while seeing the changes that 2 countries have between one and other and recognizing how the difference of one culture can change a whole country, and its lifestyle. I always keep focused on even the smallest things , because those are what no one is seeing and then they always try to turn back when that small thing goes wrong for them ,but its always to late!!!... For any questions feel free to get at me, or just if u wanna chat .. thanks for taking the time to read what's written OWwww.. theres more !!! Since i can remember , i grew up playing basketball and always listening to 2pac , DMX, bone thugz and many more,,, good times on the court!! never forget!!!.. sending some love out to everyone that supported me on everything i do.. and still support me today !!!! I speak 2 languages, English and Greek.. !! they tried to teach me french for 4 years back in highschool, i never was interested in it !!! Growing up was not too much of a struggle as some rappers may have had, but ive moved across the atlantic and seen the differances, there are drastic changes from one world to the other !!!!.. For anything more contact me... stay good, and never give up."

Gp Grand Myspace profile: Make sure you pay a visit in his profile, add him as friend if you have a myspace profile and listen to the samples of his work to get an idea of what his music sounds like.

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