Monday, 22 August 2011

The Schulenburg fort in Vidos island

  Few people know that for almost two centuries, from the early 18th century up to 1864 Vidos boasted three little forts built by the Venetians and the British. Given that Vidos island is strategically situated across Corfu Town port, it was important to protect it from the Turks and from the other enemies who wanted to take control of the island. During the first centuries of the venetian occupation, nothing was done to fortify that little island across town. But after 1716 siege, general Schulenburg understood that it was very important to establish fortifications across Vidos because if the enemy achieved to take it, it would had been very easy to bombard the town and its fortresses. So in 1727 it had beed decided the construction of a sophisticated system of walls and forts but at last only an hexagonal fort on the northwestern side of the island was constructed which later was named "Schulenburg fort". 

  Nowadays, the fort is in ruins- it had been bombed by the british back in 1864, the year when Ionian islands had been annexed to Greece. But its walls can still be seen. On the top of the fort a forest of pines can be accessed by a set of stone steps leading at the top of this artificial hill. The view from there is amazing; looking down those crystal clear shallow waters which encircle the island and the view towards Pantokrator range is spectacular.

  It would have been great if the authorities could clear, renovate and promote this historic place as part of  the island's defensive history.


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