Tuesday, 30 August 2011

"The Ark" animal welfare organisation and Markos, the airport dog

  "The Ark" is a non profit organisation which cares for stray animals. relies on the generosity of Corfiots, ex -pats and foreign visitors. The well-known Austrian actress Gabrielle Jacoby and a group of like minded animal lovers, both Greeks and foreigners, founded the Ark in 1997. It was formed primarily to alleviate the suffering of stray and abandoned animals on the island of Corfu. The Ark is a registered charity and is administered by an elected board of trustees who are responsible for the various functions necessary to ensure the smooth running of the organization. They receive no government funding and rely entirely on volunteers and the generosity of our members and the public for our income, which comes mainly from donations and fund raising activities. It spays stray animals, helps sick, abandoned and poisoned strays, rescues puppies and kittens often discarded in dustbins and elsewhere. Re-home animals both in Greece and abroad. Infinite care is taken to ensure that homes are suitable and that no animal is ever destined for experimentation.

How you can help:
* Become a member of the Ark ( 25 Euros a year)
* Become a Volunteer.
* Re-home a pet in Greece or abroad.
* Temorarily foster an injured or recovering animal.
* Offer emergency transport for an animal needing treatment.
* Visit the Charity Shop in Ag Dimitiou, Corfu Town ( Behind Commercial Bank and/
or Hondas Center)
* Donate your small change into our collecting boxes.
* Tell other animal lovers about the organisation.

  Markos the Airport Dog

  Markos, a large black and white male, adopted Corfu Airport as his home. The people working at the airport, especially the cleaners, and taxi drivers, adopted him as well and take care of him. (A really good example that there are Greeks who care about dogs.)  His favorite spot is at the entrance to the departure hall where it is nice and cool. Unfortunately, Markos was badly injured, probably in a fight with other males over a female dog. Someone very kindly took the initiative to call a vet and he has been treated. But for some time Markos is going to need more 'nursing' care, so at present The Ark is taking care of him. As soon as he is fit again he will be back in his favourite spot at the airport. Meanwhile, you can follow Markos' progress here.

  If you want to support Markos, send him an email, leave a donation at the charity shop in Corfu Town or contact the charity to learn how you can send a donation towards his treatment.

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