Sunday, 11 April 2010

The eight faces of the old venetian fountain in the Esplanade

You probably all of you have noticed the old venetian fountain in the Esplanade. It was built in 1710. But you may have not taken some time to pay attention to its details. The fountain is an octagon. Thus, it has eight sides. Each side has a curved symbol on it. Two of the sides have something written in latin, probably these writings inform us when this fountain was built and by whom.

I took some zoomed fotos from every side of it:

As you can see, the fountain needs a good clean. It looks really old but dirty as well! Water is running only in special occassions like celebrations, busy summer days etc. I think it should run more often because it's so spectacular, especially at nights when it is lit. Should we not forget that every corner of our famous Esplanade need attention and care?

3 comments: said...

I love Corfu! CORFU is a beautiful island with many sights and places of unique beauty. The views here are particularly magical, offering uninterrupted seascapes, and panoramic scenes of untamed hillsides and white sandy bays.

Anonymous said...

You have the eye! Also you recognise the Boschetto garden for the two Durell brothers who have been writers and natural history to make famous the island.

Busker said...

Excellent blog! Always informative. I'm not sure what the 'Anonymous' comment means but it seems made in good heart. Why Anonymous, I wonder? Unless it is from someone with the Municipality Parks and Recreation department. I joke. But here is some revealing information on recent efforts to beautify the Bosketto Durrell Garden.