Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Corfu in detail 5: A bust on an attic window in Kastellanoi Mesis

 Another detail on an old building, this time found in the village of Kastellanoi Mesis, not very far from the town. The villages of Corfu are rich in architectural diamonds, influenced by the Venetians as much as like old Corfu Town was. People of those old days, although many of whom where illiterate, they had a good taste and appreciated even the less important things that in our days are considered as given.
 The bust in the following pictures could be found in the small attic window of an old house on the main road to town. It is quite an unusual place to found a detail like that but, indeed, it is an imagitive addition to the somewhat uninteresting rear side of the building.

 My question is: How old is that bust and who it represents? An ancient greek or roman god or just a piece of art which does not represent somebody?

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