Thursday, 20 March 2008

My top-5 favourite bass players of all time!

Well, I think it's time to reveal my five most favourite bass players:

1) Bernard Edwards of Chic:

What can we say for the man who together with Nigel Rodgers created the base for dance music, influencing hundreds and hundreds of musicians and bands... He is the most prominent funk bass player - without him the funky Duran Duran basslines would not have existed and house music would be different from what it could have become since now.

2) John Taylor of Duran Duran:

Influenced by the funkmaster Edwards as well as Joe Strummer of Clash and Paul McCartney, John Taylor switched from guitar to bass in Duran Duran's early years. His basslines are dinstictive in most of the band songs and they have been imitated by many other bassists.

3) Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers:

For many people, Flea is the best bassist ever, I won't disagree, he is higly skilled, he plays fast and with such a virtuosite...

4) Steve Harris of Iron Maiden:

The leader of Maiden and in my opinion the best metal bass player ever, plays the bass like a guitar with great speed and techique. It is hard to imitate his style - especially his "gallop" playing - fellow bassists you know what I mean...

5) Toni Kanal of No Doubt:

Well, not a virtuoso, but I really like his ska bass style (the bass in "Don't Speak" is killer).

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