Saturday, 15 March 2008

My new bass guitar and amp!

After playing the guitar for 7 years or so, I decided to learn playing some bass. Influenced by funk and disco music, I started looking for some affordable basses in the net and at the music shops in my area. After looking for some weeks, I ended up in buying a worth for its money, Ibanez GRS200 with a tiny Behringer BT108 bass amp for 360 euros.

I have started practicing already, playing scales and some popular basslines. I have already learned playing the extremely popular "Good Times / Rapper's delight" bassline (probably the most famous bassline ever). I find it hard through to do all that funky slaps, too characteristic if you're playing some funk or disco...I have to find a bass teacher to show me some techniques and suggest me some bass methods to practice with.

If you are a bassist yourself, feel free to provide me with your advice.

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