Wednesday, 5 December 2007

A walk through some west neighbourhoods of Corfu Town

Today was a windy and quite chilly day for Corfu. This evening I missed a lecture of an English history professor on pirates (not really so interested in the subject, but wanted to go there to practice my English). So instead I decided to make a big walk through some of the west lying districts of Corfu town like Dasaki, Garitsa and Pagkrateika.

The route I followed is drawn below in a quick processed satellite image from

I passed the old Mental Clinic (which now houses the Department of Computer Techonology and the Sound and Vision one of the Ionio University). Across from the site, there is an old villa - do you think it's spooked?

There is a new mental clinic near the old one:

Right after the Mental Clinic is the British Cemetery or more formal "Commonwealth War Graves", which I assume was a cemetery for the British WW2 veterans. The site is quite small, but I like the grass and the tidy looks of it. Some pictures taken from the gate:

Following the road towards the Prison, I met the building of the 4th High School of Corfu, which is actually accross the penintentiary (like the High State prison in Koridallos, Athens, the Corfu one is near an educational facility - made in greece! lol).

Below, two pictures of the Prison itself:

An image of the Prison's external wall with the High School on the left.

Surrounding those two establishments, the Dasaki woods ("dasaki" means "woods" in Greek) is an area in where sometime stood the third fortress of Corfu Town (it's gone now - I believe the prison sits on the site - it was a lot smaller than the two other ones). I went to the western part of the wood where is a small football field. I saw a group of adults playing there:

The wood itself, has many tall trees. The most prevailing in that wood are the fir and the pine trees. The fact that the wood is situated on a hill, provides you with some cool views to the west suburbs of Corfu Town and their environs.

Now, something we should be ashamed of as Corfiots: The neglet of Dasaki... No further comments, the picture speaks itself!!

It's time to continue our stroll and head to the Garitsa district. Following a narrow descenting road, I arrived at the Garitsa housing estates, a group of flats built by the government for the poor families. There are two dinstictive types of buildings in the estates: the 4 or 5-storey flats and the two-storey row houses. Below are some images of how they look like.


-Row houses:

Walking towards the stadium and the aiport area, I decided to visit the Municipal Cemetery. It is the biggest in the island and most people of Corfu town were burried there. Below, the road leading to the Cemetery, Anapapsis street and a picture of the Airport control tower against the sunset around it.

The Cemetery itself is quite beautiful and serene. There is a chapel in where the funeral masses are being held and some really charming graves.

Nightmare on Elm street? Lol!

The Corfu Stadium is near the Cemetery. It's the home of the A.O. Kerkira F.C.

It was getting darker, so I made my way home through the Pagkrateika district (cheers to my friend Pagratis - he lives in that place which took its name from his surname).

The "Villa Rosa" or "The Pink Villa", a name derived from the color of the building, stands there negleted for several decades - It could be restored and provide housing for a museum or any other type of cultural establishment.

Finally, this big walk came to an end as I approached the outskirts of the town centre. Hope you enjoyed this post - more of this type will come soon!

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