Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Seven videos shot in London - from the Verve to Aqua...

London has long been one of the capitals of modern music worldwide- it has many recording studios, a vast number of recording companies are headquartered there and of course, many big names of music come from this city. London is a loved location for shooting movies as well as music videos - below I present you seven of the most well-known videos shot in London with their Youtube links:

Verve - Bittersweet symphony

Shot in 1997 in the Hoxton area of London (in Hoxton Street), it's a parody of Massive Attack's video "Unfinished Sympathy".

Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall (part 2)

A legendary video for a legendary song. Filmed in London in the Lever street housing estate in Cleckenwell.

Beatles - Get Back

The Fab Four gave their latest open public performance on the 4 Saville Row's building's studio, where the Beatles recording company headquartered. That event was taped and provided inspitation for the U2's "Where The Streets Have No Name" video, which was shot in Downtown Los Angeles. Here is "Get Back":

Aqua - Turn Back Time

I never was fond of the Danish bubble-pop group Aqua which provided us with one hit wonders such as "Barbie Girl". In 1998 though, they released a quite good song written for the "Sliding Doors" film, starring Gwyneth Paltrow. The music video for that song was shot in the London Underground.

Princess - Say I'm Your Number One

Back in 1985, the fresh and new pop trio Stock Aitken and Waterman released Princess's first hit " Say I'm Your Number One" which became an one hit wonder. The song's video was shot entirely in London, in areas such as Notting Hill, Brixton and the City.

Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls

In the same year when the video for "Say I'm your Number One" was released, the famous british synth pop duo PSB released the video for their first hit "West End Girls", an hymn to the London of the 80s and its contrasts. The video features several good shots of London displaying us in brief how the city and its people looked before 22 years.

Musical Youth - Pass The Dutchie

Straight from Jamaica, a happy reggae tune sung by a bunch of youths with the Big Ben and the Houses Of Parliament in view behind them.

P.S. There is another one, Kelly Marie's video for "Feels Like I'm In Love" which hopelessly can't find in You Tube - it features unparalleled shots of London in the disco era - I will post it when a YouTube link will be available.

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