Friday, 28 December 2007

Forgotten NY - A lost metropolis uncovered.

Kevin Walsh, a native New Yorker borned and raised in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, was always fascinated by the ancient ads and streetlamps as well as the negleted centuries old houses found in New York.

Armed with a plain camera and an apetite of uncovering the mysteries of the vast american metropolis, Kevin started to tour and photograph parts of it. With the material he collected each time, he created a website to exhibit this and let New Yorkers and NY fans all over the world the hidden mysteries and history of their beloved city through photo-covered tours. As a result, since 1999 he covered and presented many parts of NY, from Riverdale, Bronx to Tottenville, Staten Island and from Inwood, Manhattan to Far Rockaway, Queens.

His attempt finally was justified, Forgotten NY was named one of Forbes' Best City Blogs sites, and in good company: Gothamist and Newyorkology. FNY has been profiled in all of NYC's daily newspapers, and has been mentioned by name in columns by the New York Times' Christopher Gray and David Dunlap and by the New York Sun's Francis Morrone. It has twice been named to the Village Voice's Best of NYC list, most recently in 2006. It has also been cited by PC Magazine's Top 99 "Undiscovered" websites.

You can find a brand new tour every week, plus the so called "Forgotten Slices" contributed by FNY correspodents, covering 2-4 block area of selected NYC neighborhoods each time. You can find a new "Slice" two or sometimes three times a week.

Personally, I'm a huge fan of this page and I'm visiting it many times per week. If you are interested in NY and its history, neighborhoods and mysteries just click to:

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Bob said...

This is a very intersting historical tour in new york. Would love to do it when im there next. I just cant have enough of old houses and landmarks in any city in the world