Sunday, 16 September 2012

Corfu then and now 11: The Spilia square

  Most of you have probably passed by the two pretty large squares in the old port area, where the new city marina is under construction. Well, before the 2nd WW bombings by the germans, the area was a major commercial centre bustling with activity. Many buildings and residences had been scattered around on what later became known as Spilia square. Among them, the famous "Markas" building, the town's old market building. 
  In the early 1800s engraving below you can see the Markas area looking towards east. In the centre of the engraving stands out the Markas building, which original façade and cupola looked lush. On the right, the old cereal storage building complex which survive up to our days and is home to the Agricultural bank. On the other side there were some residences which no longer exist.
  Which of the two images you prefer? It's a pity that the Markas building no longer exists, it would have been great to have it too standing in the middle of the square serving as the main town's farmer's market.

The area in which Spilia square is located today in the early 1800s.

The same view today...

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