Thursday, 16 August 2012

The old 12th primary school of Corfu building

   Across the road where the 1st and 5th high school buildings are, another old building can be found. The two storey building used to house the 12th primary school until 2005 when the school moved nearby in Marasli street. The upper floor is home to few catholic nanies but the ground floor is home to the Caritas organization of the Catholic church and to the Union of Northern Epirots of Corfu. 

   That was the school were I learned how to write and spend my first six years of my life as a pupil. I consider myself lucky to spend a part of my childhood there because the enviroment was friendly and there was a large lawn with palm trees and other trees in which we were playing during the break.

  Hopefully, that old beautiful building still stands thanks to the christian catholic community of the island which takes care of it. 

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