Monday, 30 July 2012

Zisimos' traditional cafeteria is closing its doors soon...

   I have some bad news... Today I read that one of the most famous and historic cafeterias of the island, "Ta Olympia" (colloquially known as "Zisimos") soon will belong to the past and there will be a fast-food restaurant in its place.

   The cafeteria opened in 1928 suceeding St. George's hotel restaurant-bar. Soon it became very popular among corfiots and visitors alike to the point that the word "Zisimos" became synonymous to Liston. During the late 1930s the young Rena Vlachopoulou made some appearences in the establishment singing jazz and other popular songs. 
  The interior is magnificent. It preserves the original belle epoque decoration of St. Georges hotel bar which makes it special. The cafeteria not only famous for its coffee but for its pastries. Below there are few photographs taken from "Zisimos Ta Olympia" facebook account .

  I really hope that the magnificent interiors will be respected and preserved. Unfortunately, after the closure of  "Lykoudis" bookshop and "Occassion" shop, Corfu is loosing another piece of its identity.

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Barbara said...

I agree with you totally. Its such a terrible shame this will become a fast food place. I wish to God the authorities had refused to give a license!

All around the world in fact these lovely old places are being destroyed.

I really like your Blog.