Friday, 6 July 2012

The pedestrianization of Evaggelistrias street

   Evaggelistrias street is short street which links the roundabout recently branded as "Annunziata square" to a little alley which links the Annunziata area with Town Hall square. Iron railings have been placed at the Annunziata end of the street in order to prevent any car to park. 
  I think this is a positive iniciative by the traffic police and the municipal authorities which may herald the future full pedestrianization of Eugeniou Voulgareos street. Are you in favour of further street pedestrianizations in the historic core proper?

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Simon Baddeley said...

Good news, but for pedestrianisation to work it must be enforced or it brings the law into disrepute. I suspect that's why the cycle lanes brought in two years ago did not work. Apart from their illegal use for parking, there were too many legal opportunities for car and truck drivers to block them. They became useless. I would like to pedestrianise far more streets in Corfu town, but it needs to be carefully thought out, supported by police and traders who need to get deliveries. What about access by emergency services? Can you exclude motorbikes and scooters but allow bicycles, Research says that cycles and pedestrians can mingle safely in pedestrianised space. The other thing that's vital if car/truck access is restricted more, is that improved public transport is available to people who have given up driving into the city. These are just some of the things learned about successful pedestrianization over the years.