Monday, 18 June 2012

The origin of the word "Esplanade"

   Did you know that the word "Esplanade" shares the common latin root with the verb "to explain"?

In the latin language exists the verb "explanare" (ex+planus) which has two definitions:
a) to flatten and b) to make smth clear, to explain.

  The verb was adopted by the modern latin languages, as well as by English. So in Spanish exists the verb "explanar" and in Italian the verb "spianare".
  From the Perfect Passive Participle of the latin verb "explanar" ("explanata"= flattened) derives the italian word "Spianata", the spanish "Explanada" and the english "Esplanade" which is used to describe a flattened terrain without trees or a square.

  • Special thanks to my friend and colleague Kostas for discovering this.

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