Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The most beautiful house in Corfu Town?

   On Alexandras avenue, right next to Maraslion municipal building, there is a distinctive mansion which easily catch somebody's eye. Its roof reminds those found in Switzerland. 

   Without doubt, it looks unique and a bit out of place as it is surrounded by more modern buildings. Despite this fact, it looks sexy and attractive.

   The entrance is simple and indiferent. There is a small garden too but, quite suprisingly, there is not a garage in the property. The stone wall around it and the ironwork which encircle it look as simplistic as the entrance.

    The attic looks cool - perfect for a bedroom or a study room.

   There are some beautiful chimneys on the roof as well.

   Generally speaking, the building echoes the distant era when Alexandras avenue was a boulevard scarcely built up lined with fashionable mansions where wealthy corfiot families lived.

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