Sunday, 18 December 2011

The renovated Farmer's market

  This month, the long awaited renovation of the Farmer's market has been completed and the vendors started to move in in their brand new stalls. Being hosted for more or less five years in a temporary market on the site of a municipal parking area, the Farmer's market looks now more human and organized. 

  Below there is a satellite view of the new market (still under construction by the time this image was shot) and the old temporary one on the upper left. Note how messy and primitive looked the old one from above and how well designed and spacious look the new one.

  The old temporary ungly market is now being dismantled and the site will be again used as a parking area providing some additional valuable spaces relieving a bit the parking problem.

  As mentioned in a last year post in this blog, the site on which the farmers market was built originally was part of the defensive system of the New Fortress. Last years, while excavating, the ruins of a building built by the british as a part of the fortress had been found. Hopefully, a large part of it has been preserved and serve as a local landmark. 

  The market itself look way better than its predecesors. The old one on the same site was rather messy and unequal. As far as I remember, it was a mixture of stalls of different size and look. Now, all stalls look identical and all built by the same standards. Another good thing about the new market is that it is no longer allowed for private cars to pass through it as it was the case with the older one.

   Without doubt, the New Farmer's market was a long awaited construction but at this point, I should say that I rather prefer the market would had been moved to another place, restoring this ancient fortifications and a brand new building had been built, inspired by the old Markas market (sadly bombed by the Nazis in the September 1943 bombardment) which stood on the site of where the Spilia square is nowadays.

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