Thursday, 30 June 2011

The small organized beach of N.A.O.K.

    The small beach at N.A.O.K. is one of the few existing within Corfu town. Being property of the Nautical Club of Corfu (Naftikos Athlitikos Omilos Kerkyras), it draws local people who wish to swim somewhere close to their Corfu town home. I used to swim in this beach since my youth. The waters are safe, clear and it's so conveniently situated just south of Esplanade.
  This summer, the club bought sunbeds and umbrellas, which can be used free of charge (actually in the mornings there is an one euro entrance free which is far cheaper than the much more expensive organized beaches out of town).

  I would like to congratulate this initiative in those difficult times the country is going through. 


© Karelian Blonde said...

Nice! Well done NAOK :)

eva i Aten said...

Hi there! Nice to find a Greek who is writing in English about an island! I found your blog the other day when I wrote a post about Corfu, which I unfortunately haven't visit yet. I made a link to your blog in the end of that post and now I've put you to a list that I call Foreign bloggers in Greece...! I guess I have to think of another name now!
Kindly regards,

Giannis, an average Corfiot said...

Ηi Eva, sorry for my late reply - I was about to aswer back today anyway. Thank you for the link, you are welcome to visit my island, you will love it!


eva i Aten said...

I'm sure it's a wonderful island, Gianni!
Thankyou for your answer!