Thursday, 9 June 2011

The jacaranda tree at Town Hall square

  One of the rarest trees found in Corfu, is the jacaranda tree. Originally native of South America and India, it can be found in some subtropical and mediterranean countries like Australia, South Africa and Argentina. 
  The one found in one of the most beautiful and historically important squares of our town, is a pure gem. 

  In many parts of the world, the blooming of this tree is welcomed like a sign of spring. Its pink flowers make it look astonishing and exotic as no other tree looks like it. Have you spotted other jacaranda trees in Corfu? If yes, where?


Stacy said...

Hi John,
This is not about your post, but I had a question that I hoped you might be able to answer. I was in Corfu a few years ago and saw a painting that I loved. However, the shop wasn't open while we were there. I was hoping you might be able to recognize the picture. I could send you a photo if you think you could help.

Thanks so much,

Anonymous said...

Hi John!

What a coincident, I took photos of this tree last Saturday (10 june) when I was in Corfu Town for first time in my life. This is beautifull place to live.

Greg from Poland