Thursday, 13 January 2011

Stunning photography by corfiot photographer George

  Here are some awesome images taken using an iPhone mobile courtesy of my friend George. Note that on some of the images the so called HDR technique (the acronym stands for "High Dynamic Range") had been applied.

Balcony with a view
Stormy day at the beach 
Sunrise over Epirus
Windy autumn day at Ipsos beach
Night panoramas of Ipsos
Psychedelic sunrise at Ipsos
The marina at Govino bay
Fire brigade's firetanker collecting water
The Esplanade
Kapodistriou street with Liston in the background
Sunrise at Ipsos. The moon is still up and lit.


Νίκος Δημήτριος Μάμαλος said...

Great photos. The only problem is the cars in the 'Kapodistriou street with Liston in the background' photo.

© Karelian Blonde said...

Excellent photos! Thank you for poosting :)

Nikos - you are right about the cars.

Vic said...

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