Tuesday, 28 December 2010

The windmill in Anemomylos finally got its sweeps!

  Recently, one of the sights of our island, the windmill in Anemomylos got sweeps. Being built by the corfiot port authorities back in 1998 as a reconstruction of the old one existed at the very same point until 1895. So, after 12 years of its incompleted existence, the new mill is hopefully almost finished. Only one more thing is missing, its sails, which I hope they will be placed soon.

  Below there are two photos of the windmill's prior and recent state. Now the site looks better than before, at last it looks like a real windmill.

The mill in May 2008
The mill in December 2010
  The interior of the building is quite small but it is used like a temporary exhibitions gallery. The area around it is a beloved walk by the local residents, especially in the summer when people want to get some fresh air.

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Looking good! And so is the weather :)