Monday, 20 December 2010

"Corfu Museum" - a new bilingual site dedicated to the rich Corfiot history

  A reader of this blog, Ioannis Petsalis, made a site about our local rich history, He named it "Corfu museum" (  and, like its title says, has an historic context. In its pages, old rare photos and documents from his personal collection could be found, as well as articles about local historical matters and personalities

Screenshot of "Corfu Museum" homepage

  I highly suggest visiting and bookmarking this bilingual site. It is being updated regularly with more material with the intention of becoming a rich interactive Internet-based virtual museum. You can also become a member by hitting the "register" button at the bottom left of the main page. Becoming a member, you can also publishg your article or posting old Corfu pictures from your archive.

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