Friday, 5 November 2010

Today "John's Corfu World" becomes 3 years old!

  I've started this blog three years ago following the risen popularity of blogging and as a way to share my thoughts and views with other people. In the beginning, I started posting more diverse things like an indepedent trance release review, posts about my favourite metropolis, London and even some x-rated ones.

  As I became a more experienced and mature blogger, seeing that the posts about my homeland Corfu had more views than the more general ones, this blog started to become almost excusively dedicated to Corfu. Thus I renamed it. "Johntgr" became "John's Corfu World".  I've started (re)discovering my land, taking images of its unknown bits and trying to promote it abroad. In order to boost the blog, I've created a fan page in the increasingly popular Facebook. People started to interact with me leaving comments and ideas, showing that they still care about the island and its rich history.

  I would like to thank all the readers of this blog and especially the fans and the followers for their support. I promise this fourth year the forthcoming posts will be as interesting as always.

- 270 posts so far
- 948 fans in Facebook
- 27305 visits from 136 countries
- 15155 individual visitors

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© Karelian Blonde said...

Happy blog b-day from London!