Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Corfu in detail 4: Milestone in Villa Rosa

Most of you may haven't noticed the ancient milestone on the narrow pavement right outside Villa Rosa. Villa Rossa is on the southern part of Donatou Dimoulitsa street which becomes the Lefkimmis national road a few hundred metres down the road. This road is always busy with traffic as it's the southern entrance to Corfu Town.

Looking at the milestone, it has an arrow and the letters "BO" carved on it which probably points at the north (the letters "BO" should be an acronym for "BOΡΕΙΑ" which means "north"). the others sides of it are blank. In my opinion, it helped old corfiots to find their way to the north of the island before getting lost in the maze of the Corfu Town streets.

I really hope with the forthcoming widening of the road, this milestone will not be removed and get placed somewhere else.


Anonymous said...


It could be British. It looks a lot like the Board of Ordnance marking:



Giannis, an average Corfiot said...

Just found this in wikipedia:
"The broad arrow mark has been used over the years by the Office and Board to signify at first objects purchased from the monarch's money and later to indicate government property" (

So that means that the Villa Rosa milestone may indicated a property which belonged to the british (I should note that the British Cemetery is very close to the site and I suspect that before the foundation of Villa Rosa building, the actual property of the cemetery included the Villa Rosa's chunk to up to the milestone!). So, that may mean that the milestone marked the western end of the British Cemetery property prior to the building of Villa Rosa by Aspiotes who may have bought that chunk of land in 1864, the very same year that the british left!!