Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Old venetian gate in Spilia

One thing that fascinates me in places loaded with so much history is that every time you discover some hidden gems and corners as you walk by. Yesterday, I was walking in the Spilia district of old Corfu Town and I suddenly discovered something I've never seen before: An old venetian gate at the end of a dead-end alley. I suspect that this gate should have been the western entrance to the old venetian barn which was situated in what is now the building which houses the courts of Corfu.

Approaching closer to the gate you will notice a shield or "coat of arms".

Zooming the photo, you can recognize one of the ancient symbols of Corfu: the "τριήρης", the main vessel which ancient Greeks used in their naval battles. On the top of the shield, you can spot a crown.

It's too sad that the alley leading to the gate is so messy, looking like a slum... Couldn't this monument be promoted as another must see for someone interested in the venetian past of Corfu?

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