Thursday, 11 December 2008

Tired of waiting Google Streetview for London?

We have an alternative solution!

Some Londoners report that they have spotted Google-logo cars with big cameras on their tops cruising London streets these months. But if you logged in Google maps, you'll notice that there are no Streetview for London yet!

Don't worry, there's! A site offering exclusively street views for London with an interface similar to Google's. Just double click on the point of the map where you want to see a street level view and a small window will pop up offering you the requested street view.

A street-view from the middle of Westminster bridge:

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Sibadd said...

I get this on my bicycle (;)) Seriously tho' I think and hope the centre will hold in Greece. Do you share my faith? It seems to me that people blogging are more in touch with events than those relying on broadcasting. I may be hopelessly naive. S