Thursday, 24 April 2008

Patras - Photos from my recent trip

This Monday I visited Patras with the orchestra for a concert with a local choir (we played Cherrubini's Requiem in C minor). I had a free morning to wander around the city, thus I took some photos depicting some streets and buildings of downtown Patras.

Patras Central Square (Vasileos Georgiou Sq.):

St. Andrew Cathedral - St. Andrew is the patron saint of the city:

The dome of the St. Andrew Cathedral:

The newly restored old Patras lighthouse, which now has been turned into a lovely cafe:

Agiou Nikolaou street is a pedestrianized road in which many of the city's cafeterias are located and it's very popular to youths and students.

Another central Patras square. Note the slim 10-storey apartment building and the fine looking bell tower across.

What a disgusting building! It is on Korinthou street, one of the most central throughfares of the city, it's looking definitely ghetto. Does any Patras resident know what kind of building is this?

On Agiou Nikolaou street, one can find the art deco "Ideal" cinema.

Situated across the Ionian islands, Patras has been influenced by its civilization, thus the arched buildings on Korinthou street:

An fine looking early 20th century building:

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Anonymous said...

The building on the 7th photo used to be the university building when the first university departments started their classes in Patras. Now it's one of the best high schools in the city. It may be ugly, but it is quite historical :)