Friday, 23 March 2012

The impressive old mansion of "Tennis" neighbourhood

   Opposite the tennis court in the middle of the upscale residential neighbourhood which took its name from that sports facility, there is a quite impressive early 20th century mansion. It is not architecturally interesting but to my eyes always looked gigantic as a castle. I remember this building since high school. I could see it from the high school's courtyard and it used to impress me because it looked very old and grotesque.
  Actually, the building has some victorian architecture elements like a bay window on its eastern side. There is a nice garden on the front as well which looks rather well-kept but I think the building itself desperately needs a good paint.The mansion still houses a couple of families who can be considered lucky living in a spacious place like this close to denser town's centre.
If you ever pass by the tennis area, have a glance at it. It's worth it.

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