Sunday, 15 January 2012

The southern side of Town Hall square

   The southern side of this monumental and beautiful square is dominated by the Bank of Greece building. This edifice had been built in 1754 on the site of the 17th century Latin archibishop's residence which had been destructed by an earthquake. Originally, this building had three floors and housed various governmental services but the Nazi german bombs almost made it collapse. After the second world war, this building was rebuilt having only two floors.

   Right at the base of the grand set of scales leading to the entrance, there is a nice spring but no water runs from it and it is infested by tag graffitis. 

   At the right side of the Bank of Greece building, there is a nice dead end street which features some old traditional corfiot buildings dating back centuries ago. 

   The view from that side of the square feels like being drawned by a painter. The town hall dominates the view, while it can be seen the Saint Spyridon campanile, Duomo catedral and in the background, the tallest mountain in Corfu, mount Pantrokrator.

   The western side of the Bank of Greece building is quite interesting. There is a nice venetian arch leading to the back side of the edifice and a plaque attached on the building's west side bearing the latin numeral and words "A FUNDAMENTIS EREC  S. A. MDCCLIII", which in arabic numbers is year 1754 and commemorates its contruction. 

   Next to the edifice's western side, there are few more old buildings dating back from the venetian period. 

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