Sunday, 8 May 2011

Corfu then and now 3: The view towards Corfu town from the New Fortress

  Can you imagine how different looks Corfu town's panorama two centuries before? Thanks God, it hasn't changed that much, thanks to the fact that the oldest part of town has been preserved, preventing from those awful mid 20th century apartment blocks dominating the view.
  In the image below, I did a collage of a 1820s gravure made by british general Mc Niven with a recent photo taken from the top of New Fortress. As you can see, few things has changed since early 19th century. The skyline dominates the twin peaks of Old Fortress and the tall St. Spyridon campanile next to it. The old port to the left looks diffent, as in late 19th century it took its current shape. In both pictures, at the front of the then more densely built up Old Fortress, the back side of the 1810s Liston complex can be noticed.

(click to enlarge)
  We, corfiots residents. should consider ourselves lucky that our historic core had been left intact making it possible for future generations to enjoy and appreciate it.

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