Thursday, 24 June 2010

Two recently repainted old buildings in old Corfu Town

Two beautiful buildings in Eugeniou Voulgareos street and in Pentofanaro (corner of Voulgareos and Kapodistriou streets) have been recently been given a lift. They were repainted in warm mediterranean colours which made them look fresher and more vivid than their previous greyish and depressing colour. Being an Unesco heritage site, the old town of Corfu should renovate the facades of all its buildings. 

The building below is in Voulgareos street, a central one full of attractive shops. It has ornamented balconies and there is a boutique on the first floor. 

The second one is in the corner of Voulgareos and Kapodistriou streets opposite to Pentofanaro. Because this building it is situated in a central point and on a square, its façade forms an integral part of the local architecture.

Below is a general view of Pentofanaro square. At the right is one of the buildings of the internationally famous Liston, next to it the newly repainted building and at the left corner the Pentofanaro square itself.

I've searched my archive and I found an image I shot back in 2005, before the building's renovation. How different today it looks! More pleasant, vivid and welcoming. I hope soon, more old buildings in need of renovation will follow its example.

Before                                                                          After

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