Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Tour in some streets and alleys in Saroco (San Rocco) district in Corfu Town

Today I went for some errands in the area and I decided to tour the streets of the district and took some photos of some interesting old buildings.

Saroco (San Rocco) was originally a suburb lied intermediately west to the westernmost gate of Old Corfu town (Porta Reale - Royal Gate). It took a name of a catholic saint (San Rocco), probably from a now defunct church which stood somewhere in the area. In the 1880s, the demolition of the Royal Gate meant the development and the expansion of the area. Nowadays, Saroco is the commercial heart and the centre of the New Corfu Town, full with 50s-60s flats (like all typical post WWII greek town, Corfu exprerienced a population boom in the 50s, which resulted in the need of providing a fast and cheap accomondation).

Despite that greek postwar look, the area still has some nineteen - early twentieth century buildings, mostly located in some alleys and hidden passages scattered throughout Saroco and occasionally on the main throughtfares running through the district.

Let's now move on to the pics:

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