Thursday, 21 February 2008

Kosovo: the loss of the most important Serbian province

As you may know, last Sunday after a vote, Kosovo gained its indepedence over Serbia and became a sovereign country in itself. It was the final act of the tragedy, and it was something that most people expected to happen. After more than 15 years of conflicts, the Albanian population of the province, backed by UN and the USA, forced the indigenous Serbian population to relocate in a violent and primitive way. They kicked them out by looting and burning their homes and by encouraging Albanians to immigrate to Kosovo from Albania.

The proposed flag of Kosovo - notice how it looks alike with the Albanian one:

Albanians were a majority in Kosovo since the late 19th century. Back then, it was populated by Serbs and it was the site where the first Serbian kingdom was established back in the 13th century A.D. It is also the site of many serbian orthodox christian monasteries. Serbs say that the Kosovo region is like the Serbian "Mount Athos".
In order to all of you understand how important the situation is, just think how it would feel like if Turks claimed that Mount Athos is Turkish. I understand that the Albanian majority should be respected and treated equally as the Serbs, but it was inhuman to force the Kosovarian Serbs to relocate in Serbia. Kosovo should still be part of the Serbian republic and UN should have leave and not back the expectations and the positions of the Albanian nationalism. Finally, I feel sorry for the United States and for the EU members which recognised the newly founded country as sovereign.
I would like to place your own thoughts on that matter. It will be interesting for me to know what you think - do you support Kosovo's indepence or not? If yes, why?

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Anonymous said...

No, Serbs took kosovo back from the ottomans which helped the rest of eastern europe revolt aswell, also the Serbs let albanians migrate to Kosovo and live there, and in return for that they take our state and claim it to be thiers, and whats worse than that is that the UN helped them and recognized them as a country.