Sunday, 20 January 2008

A long walk through Emporiko (Disco Strip), Solari and Kapoukinoi

In a cloudy but sunny at times day of early last November I made a big walk through the district we called here Emporiko (this literally mean "Commercial" - it is a place full of clubs, bars, restaurant and other hang-out places) and I ended up back to town passing through some outlying districts (or suburbs) which line the very first kilometres of the national road to Paleokastritsa.

Below there is a map of the route I followed:

Let's start our walk from the beginning of the Emporiko strip in which the Au Bar club is situated. You can see two posters in its door promoting the weekly RnB party taking place there every Tuesday.

Now let's see how the road passing the almost one mile strip looks outside the Au Bar:

Walking across the strip, one can find the local Roma Pizza chain store (I like their Greek pizza by the way) and next to it the Gala cafeteria/bar which is owned by a friend of mine.

There were some threatening clouds in the horizon that day. That clouds created a picturesque scenery:

A big cruise ship moored at the port and could be seen as far as the Emporiko:

As I walked, I reached the middle of the strip where the most busy points of the strip can be found: the Patatomania eatery (you can find only french fries there, served with different types of sauces and cheeses), the Avenue bar, the Tram creperie and the Electron bar which plays only Greek music.

Another quite picturesque shot:

Towards the end of the strip, we can find the abandoned club "Bora Bora" (during the late 80s it was known as "La Boom" - the older ones may remember that) - I don't know what they gonna do with it, I hope they will refurbish it and turn it into a new nightspot.

Now, we have reached the end of the strip - someone can find there some popular night clubs (such as "Crystal" and "Privilege") and a bunch of restaurants (among them is a Chinese one).

This is the very end of the strip, which is the juction with the National road to Paleokastritsa. So if you turn right, you go to the north of the island and of course to Paleokastritsa and if you turn left the road leads you back to Corfu Town. Of course I turned left.

The road back to Corfu Town is always busy as it's one of the principal roads of the island.

Tsoris Toys can be found on the road too. I think this is the biggest toy store in the island.

The district known as Solari, starts in a turn of the road, right after Tsoris Toys. The road there is lined with different kind of stores, like banks, super markets, car sellers and some chain stores.

Now, something that we could be ashamed of as Corfiots: the abundance of litter one can found in the streets. I will not comment further, the photo talks for itself.

The road after the juction with Panagouli street (the road which connect the Paleokastritsa national road with the highway to the airport, to Pelekas and to Lefkimmi) becomes narrower and finally the bell tower of Platitera monastery marks the very end of the Paleokastritsa national road and the point where the town starts.

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